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"If government were a toaster, I'd demand a refund"


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I understand now why Nero fiddled during the Great Fire of Rome. Imagine sitting through a screening of Human Centipede Part 3 with a room full of people and the knowledge that the impression the... [More]


Big Foot

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The only difference between Brett Kavanaugh's alleged sexual assault and Big Foot is that Big Foot has more witnesses willing to come forward and testify to his existence. The amazing thing is, this i... [More]



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  Sanjay Gupta   In some ways, Dr. Sanjay Gupta's article is compelling and compassionate.  Starvation is a universal problem that humanity has never yet completely solved. That we... [More]

This campaign needs an enema.  The Bell Tower has been on vacation for too long.  There are so many myths and false stories hovering around this election, it will take two posts just to hit ... [More]


Contempt For The Court

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Apparently, the editors at The Bell Tower forgot to publish this excellent column about health care at the time it was written.  Since the editors, the publishers, the writers and the marketing t... [More]

So let's examine some of these actual grievances that the Occupy Wall Street movement has insisted be brought to our attention.  We already know that "they" are the Evil Forces of Capitalism but ... [More]

Thuggery "Mike Keane, who owns O’Hara’s Restaurant and Pub, said that the theft of soap and toilet paper had soared and that one protester had used the bathroom but had failed to properl... [More]

Gross "Polls showed that American voters generally endorsed a mix of spending cuts and tax increases. And plenty of neutral observers thought that the approach of the debt ceiling expiration would h... [More]

Come Again? "We will never get a balanced budget amendment unless we take advantage of this chokepoint ... I'm going to stand strong on this. I'm going to vote no." - Representative Phil Gingrey You... [More]


Cut the Crap Republicans

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Listen, Republicans.  Get your crap together.  There are a few points about the current crisis the party needs to get straight: First, do not agree to raise taxes - anywhere in any capacity ... [More]