The Bell Tower

"If government were a toaster, I'd demand a refund"


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Well, if you work in much of the mainstream media, it’s important to understand that there are protesters and then there are protesters. If you hail from the right, you are disrupting speech. ... [More]

LA Times “Ironically, both sides in the abortion debate can agree on this,” Northup said. “All Americans deserve to know where the next Supreme Court justice stands on Roe vs. Wade.... [More]



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AIG Revolutionary France is no longer just a distant analogy of what we once called the American Republic. True, heads have not rolled. Yet. But the confiscation of private wealth by the public sec... [More]

Hailing his ridiculous stimulus package as the savior of America’s teetering economy, Barack Obama announced triumph in Denver. People everywhere have been talking about Franklin Roosevelt. It... [More]


“I Won”

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Meet The Press “President Obama listened to Republican gripes about his stimulus package during a meeting with congressional leaders Friday morning–but he also left no doubt about who&#... [More]


Shove it AP

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So what? First of all, Bush has become a caricature at this point. One of the ironies of the Bush Presidency (there are many) is that he’s been so stupidly unpopular amongst the brain dead comm... [More]


Bailout Myths

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1. Evil “politics” killed the bailout plan. Congress by nature is slow and inefficient. Pundits all over God’s creation after the failed bailout vote were whining that “poli... [More]


Into The Abyss

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Frankly, I find the entire attitude towards democracy in this country nauseating. Is there a corner left anywhere in this Republic where people care about something more profound than their own perso... [More]



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“People are grown too polite to have an old-fashioned religion, and are too weak to find out a new, from whence follows the most unbounded licentiousness and utter disregard of virtue, which is ... [More]

Pardon me if I’m not shocked by the latent racism displayed in Hillary Clinton’s campaign this season. Anyone who’s been listening to the Democrats talk about race for the past 20 y... [More]