The Bell Tower

"If government were a toaster, I'd demand a refund"
As an astute friend recently pointed out. If this is true, “And with iPods and iPads; and Xboxes and PlayStations — none of which I know how to work — (laughter) — information... [More]

Bill Maher thinks the entire Brazilian economy runs on sugar cane ethanol. Seriously. He said: “I believe they in the ’70s, they had a program to use sugar cane ethanol. And I believe th... [More]


Devastating News

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I regret to inform my readers that something terrible happened yesterday. Tiger Woods cursed on the golf course. Clearly this means he’s not sorry for cheating on his wife. Sorry to let every... [More]


Arne Duncan

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To quickly expand on the previous post, permit me an analogy to illustrate the absurdity of Arne Duncan’s education program: A rich man walks into a homeless shelter with a 20 pound turkey and ... [More]


Get a Job

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My Body My Campus “It showed we are ready to stop at nothing to get justice”, said student Julia Shindel. So this is what students call justice in the modern age. Instead of sitting around watching A... [More]


Material Girl

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Give me your land or I will bench press your village! “‘If you visited the land prior to this allocation, you would have found that there were at the most one or two small huts’ on t... [More]


Orson Wellesian

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For the love of God.

Yesterday I thought Obama was headed in the right direction regarding the banks. But today, I saw this comment on the front page of the Wall Street Journal from White House Economist Austan Goolsbee:... [More]


Yadda yadda yadda

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Sniffle “It was another sketch that gave us pause,” noted PopEater in an article titled SNL’ Lampoons Alleged Violence in Tiger Woods’ Marriage, on Sunday. ‘We think, had... [More]


Hilarity Ensues…

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Sure… “Democrats issued a statement saying their 1,990-page measure ‘lowers costs for every patient’ and would not add to federal deficits.” When was the last time 2,000... [More]