The Bell Tower

"If government were a toaster, I'd demand a refund"
Huh? Do people seriously watch this show? This was like having Albert Einstein guest star on Sesame Street: BEHAR: So are you not against, just you like Roe v. Wade, except to a point. Is that what ... [More]

Mills This is awesome stuff. I can’t even tell what she’s angry about. Deforestation? The wasting of cow’s milk? Environmental destruction? The real question is: does she know... [More]


Bombs and Moms

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So, here’s what Sally Field… utters (?) (seems like the best description of this catastrophic verbal outburst)… about war: Sally Yes, well… the standard minimum criteria nece... [More]


More Crow

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I challenge anyone to come up with a more inane stream of consciousness (or unconsciousness in this case): ̶... [More]



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“Using economics to influence public behavior is something this country is built on — it’s called capitalism,” Bloomberg said. “Tax policy influences you to drill here and mine... [More]