Do we need people like this in America? I say no. For the record, this blog supports all junk food and directly marketing it to kids. It supports GI Joe and plastic guns that could potentially market violence to kids. It supports The Cookie Monster and encouraging kids to eat rich, trans-fat ridden sweets. It supports plastic army men that might encourage reckless patriotism for this country. It supports Joe Camel. It also supports smoking in restrooms in high school, toilet papering and egging houses, under age drinking, mailbox baseball, racing your friends with loud mufflers at 2AM in residential neighborhoods, jumping off of bridges into local rivers and lakes, swimming in “no swimming” areas, and satanic heavy metal. It also supports spanking the hell out of your kids when you catch them doing any of the above. I’ve experienced every one of those things and I turned out just fine, thanks. I can tell you exactly why: Mom and Dad.

My parents did not overprotect me. Certainly, some of the things mentioned above (actually, probably most of them) would have made them angry but guess what – I knew that. In fact, I was damn afraid of that – and that makes all the difference. The government and collectivist advocacy groups don’t mean a thing – except that if they stopped trying to involve themselves in every last aspect of our lives, maybe my folks would have had more money to devote to our family. Maybe my Father wouldn’t still be working so he can provide for his wife and kids in retirement. Maybe my Mother wouldn’t have had to hold down a job while we were young just to keep the family living comfortably. If worthless organizations like the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood weren’t wasting (or intimidating the government into wasting) so much of our hard earned tax dollars trying to wield arbitrary power to satisfy their empty egos and meaningless lives… my family and every other hard working family in America would have a little more latitude to live their own lives.

The Susan Linn’s of the world, no matter how hard they try, will never protect all of the children in this country. You won’t stop them from eating at Taco Bell. You won’t stop them from smoking cigarettes in the hall – or joints with their RA in college. You will not prevent them from having unprotected sex, driving without seatbelts or funneling beers at frat parties. And you sure as HELL aren’t stopping anyone from eating cheeseburgers. It’s part of the visceral experience of growing up and living life. And you know something Susan Linn? Why don’t you let their mothers handle it? They’re obviuosly FAR more qualified than you could ever hope to be.

The biggest problem with America today is that radical fools that run organizations like this are louder than the vast majority of us who want them to stay the hell out of our lives but are too busy to deal with it. Here’s a link to their site. Tell ‘em they suck: