“‘I think it’s too much to hit one industry with,’ Green said in an interview.”

Ridiculous. Sixteen billion is certainly not too much to charge to an industry that’s been setting record profits on the backs of middle class Americans. The idea that oil companies can’t afford to pay such a tax is preposterous. It’s insane. If you had any doubt before that Congress was in the back pocket of gigantic industry, remove it from your mind. Of course, we all know what will happen if such a tax succeeds: oil companies will pass the increases off to consumers and other industries who will also pass it off to consumers. Translation: you will surrender more of your paycheck.

But there’s a second point to be made here that the esteemed individuals who currently run our government – Democrats AND Republicans – will never point out: the government doesn’t need the damn money either. Why should Americans care if Pelosi wants to rob the pockets of oil barons so she can fill her own pockets? If she was going to take that $15 billion and refund it directly back to taxpayers, she’d have my vote. That obviously isn’t what’s going to happen. This tax would just take money from one bloated intolerable behemoth and pass it onto another.

All of this is a waste of time. If Democrats or Republicans want to seriously reform the government, then do it:

Eliminate all of these slush funds that bankroll “scientists” who provide “research” on global warming, obesity “epidemics”, trans-fats dangers and all of these other meaningless scare scenarios that do nothing but provide the institutional inertia to create more bureacracy, take more taxpayer money and curb more freedoms. Privatize scientific and medical research completely (I hope to never see another “federally funded” study). The corruption associated with such funding FAR outweighs any benefit we might gain.

Pass rules that eliminate tacking pork barrel spending onto every single bill that passes through Congress’ greasy little fingers and goes back to their rich friends in their home states. It needs to be stronger than the line item veto. Rules should be put in place to completely prevent it.

Outlaw seat belt regulations, speed traps, SUMMER HEAT DUI and other random traffic stops, car inspections, emissions requirements, and all of these other inane intrusions on the individual that have police forces collecting revenue instead of fighting crime. There are way too many police in this country doing way too many things that are not associated with policing criminal behavior. Their numbers could probably be cut by at least 50% if the forces were used properly. When the Founding Fathers spoke of a standing army – this is what they were talking about.

Legalize marijuana and revoke mandatory minimum sentencing that fills our jails with small time drug users who are of no danger to society at large. Legalize prostitution. If abortion laws intrude on a woman’s private right to make decisions where her own body is concerned, why isn’t prostitution similarly protected?

The Department of Homeland Security – gone. The IRS – gone. National Public Radio – gone. The National Endowment for the Arts – gone. The United Nations – evicted. The Department of Education – gone. While you’re at it: privatize education completely. Government sponsored education is a total disaster. An attempt to manage anything but the most high level directions and standards down to the minutiae of every individual student in America is a complete waste of time. Free parents and teachers to make decisions about the education of their children without the intrusion of bureacracy and the irrational whim of the mob and the media and the pandering of politicians shamelessly trying to get re-elected. We don’t need to control every textbook, every Bible, every pencil, every detention and every single pop quiz.

Pass real campaign finance reform that alters this current structure allowing only the richest incumbent candidates to succeed – and to feast off of campaign contributions for their own personal benefit. Challenge the constitutionality of the income tax (it’s not constitutional) and eliminate it completely. Enact serious tort reform – perhaps a complete reworking of the civil court system. The idea for example that OJ Simpson can be found innocent in a criminal proceeding but guilty for precisely the same crime in a civil one is double jeopardy, dangerous to our individual freedoms and a huge waste of taxpayer money – as well as a constant threat to the pockets of private citizens and companies for the benefit of frivolous lawyers.

Staffs and salaries for members of Congress and the President – cut by at least 75% and capped. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t need her own private 747. If it were up to me, she’d have a horse and carriage. And my personal pet peeve: eliminate all of these perks and priveleges to the press corps that allows them to travel with the President and members of Congress on jets and in limos and eat taxpayer funded food and probably do all manner of other taxpayer funded things. And don’t just limit it to the press corps: lobbyists, presidential and congressional “friends” and acquaintances, supporters, CEO’s, campaign contributers and all of these other parasites feeding off our paychecks should be controlled or completely eliminated.

None of this will ever happen so long as we allow the stark divide between the governing class and the governed class to continue to grow. The real starting point: Term Limits. The reason the Term Limits movement failed in the 90′s is because it wasn’t focused where it should have been: as a federal Amendment to the US Constitution. Pushing it through individual states will never succeed because it weakens and punishes each state that passes it.

The Ammendment should be a national movement and federally focused. And tacked onto it should be another provision: every single member of Congress currently in power at the time of passage is evicted from office once their term is up and they are unable to ever run for any federal political office ever again. Incumbency needs to be completely eradicated. Congressional staffs and bureacrats: all removed. We need to start completely and totally from scratch. You want real reform in this country? This is where you start.