This letter is regarding the article “Dying for peace,” by Alex Babcock, published April 10.

The conservatives should have kicked the anti-war demonstrators’ asses at the pro-troop rally last Tuesday. The foolishness of today’s “peace” movement in America is no different than the idiocy that plagued it in the ’60s. Some Americans can’t tell the difference between the freedom of expression and the crime of disturbance.

The First Amendment secures, among other things, Americans’ right to express themselves. This guarantees us the very serious liberty to oppose, detract and speak our minds. That’s what the conservatives were there to do. They organized peacefully to express their support for American troops.

A crowd of miscreants covered in paint and graffiti, barging in and causing a disturbance, is not freedom of speech – it is a disruption of it. Recognizing this concept is the key difference between democracy and anarchy. American government wasn’t founded on the notion of who yells the loudest.

If this band of finger painters wants to participate in the democratic process, they can organize their own rally. There, they can enjoy the freedom to play dead, draw cave paintings, pick gnats out of each others hair or do whatever else it is beatniks do to communicate their distaste with the law. Or, they could organize a serious debate where both sides discuss their differences in a civilized forum.

Either way, remember this – while juvenile delinquents in America are splashing about in fake blood from Toys R’ Us, many brave American soldiers are cleaning off the real blood they have spilt in Iraq so that Americans, and antiwar protesters, can continue to get drunk and draw pictures on the flag they’re fighting for.

Hooray for democracy.


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