Insidious equality

Susan Taylor Martin recently wrote an excellent article balancing Michael Moore’s claims in his new movie Sicko with the reality of the health industry. Moore’s picture of a pristine Canadian industry is just as flawed as the picture some in this country would paint of our own system. The truth is that there is no easy answer.

However, I would call attention to the last quote in the article, attributed to Julie Mason: “I see people a lot wealthier than me and a lot poorer than me and I know everyone is getting the same care. And for me, that’s as important as getting my own care.”

Is this what we’ve come to then, that the quality of care is not the issue at all, that the real point is everyone gets the same level of care – be it horrendous care or otherwise? She actually says it’s just as important that everyone be equal as that she have any care at all for herself.

What a revolting thought. I hope this country never comes to a point where we share such a sentiment collectively. The government exists to ward the community from injustices, not walk around to each desk and make sure everyone has the same color pencils. A system that places equality above liberty will always fail, and bears no resemblance to the American ideals that this country was founded upon.