If that wasn’t the title of Rudy Giuliani’s speech to the 2008 Republican Convention this week, it should have been. If you haven’t seen it, you certainly need to. You will not find a more clearly articulated evaluation of the choices facing the country in this year’s Presidential election:

The final litmus test of a solid Republican performance of course is when the AP dreams up imaginary news events and then pretends they have some sort of real life bearing on actual events. Voila:

David Bauder

“Republicans may have been betrayed by the giant video screen that has been an effective backdrop for convention speakers. Giuliani spoke in front of a New York City skyline rising out of the water, but in close-up shots it seemed he was backed by a wall of undulating mud.”

Also, Giuliani’s shoes were untied. Maybe Bauder was one of those kids in school that, when assigned a book report on Treasure Island wrote, “I really liked all the pretty pictures.”