Hailing his ridiculous stimulus package as the savior of America’s teetering economy, Barack Obama announced triumph in Denver. People everywhere have been talking about Franklin Roosevelt. It’s ironic that everyone is yearning for Franklin at a time when the Roosevelt we really need is Theodore. Franklin’s proper legacy as President was playing a central role in defeating the Axis Powers. His economic policies exemplefied by the New Deal were decidedly less desirable.

Americans have spent the subsequent sixty plus years trying to stick their fingers in the increasingly leaky dam of the Republic while every few years a Jimmy Carter or a Lyndon Johnson shows up and starts punching more holes. The latest Democratic revolution represents perhaps the fatal blow. It’s not even the old Robin Hood take from the rich and give to the poor anymore. It’s take from the bankrupt and obscenely in debt (AKA the Federal Gov’t) and give to the rich, neuvo-liberal yes (we can) men who can’t cut it in the private sector but thought voting Democratic was a safe bet. From the union ravaged auto industry to unprofitable feel-good “environmental technology” to artists who can’t sell their art to the teacher’s unions to junk science to corrupt and irresponsible corporate executives – the inept, incompetent and unproductive parasites of American culture just got cut the biggest check in American history from taxpayers who already owe somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 per family to God knows whom.

What do these beleaguered taxpayers get for their “investment?” Thirteen bucks a week if you’re lucky enough to be considered “poor” by the Democrats in power. Enjoy your extra weekly ham sandwich and try not to think about the fact that the corrupt miscreants in power who just squandered another trillion of your hard earned dollars are enjoying such perks as free health care, free haircuts, hundred thousand dollar per year salaries, penalty free tax evasion, and all around idle living off the bankrupt public dole – and these are just the perks they take publicly.

And by the way, let me re-iterate for the billionth time on this site: that extra ham sandwich per week is not being given to anyone. The aforementioned miscreants have merely decided out of the kindness of their taxpayer funded hearts to take less of your money. You arleady earned that sandwich. The government just thought they knew how to spend it better than you. Are you $10 trillion dollars in debt? Do you know anyone else besides our federal government who is?

Why? Why should Americans continue to be forced to invest ever more of their money in the worst possible investment around? You thought General Motors was a bad place for your money? Chrysler? AIG? Were any of them 10 trillion dollars in debt? Nope, not even close. All of them do however have one common financial contributer: the American Taxpayer. Uncle Sam has made it his business to invest only in the absolute worst of the worst. It’s not just companies they bailed out – it’s crappy companies. That’s what parasites do – they suck the lifeblood from productive, living organisms in return for nothing.

And Barack Obama has the audacity to come along and blame the “greed” of Wall Street for our financial woes. Nancy Pelosi has the nerve to complain about executives flying around on corporate jets – before jumping on her own private Pelosi One to the next campaign rally. Dick Durbin has the unmitigated gall to be “sickened” by firms that are “losing money” and still spend billions in executive bonuses while he represents an institution losing more than all of them combined that not only gave money to those exact same executives but then turned around and spent more in this ludicrous stimulus bill than the combined cost of the wars in both Afghanistan AND Iraq. John Kerry has the unbelievable balls to complain that the economy won’t respond to just a “small amount of money added per paycheck” with tax cuts. I can go on forever.

Kerry is right of course, the ham sandwich isn’t really helping anything. I’ll point out again, it’s not added at all but the fallacy of his statement is that the federal government takes exortbitant amounts of money from everyone’s paycheck and somehow has nothing to show for it but a ten trillion dollar debt. We don’t want a small amount back John. We want a large amount back – preferably all of it at this point. If government were a toaster, I’d demand a refund.

Talk about a Ponzi scam. What’s a more fraudulent investment than the Federal Government? Everyone’s outraged about Bernie Madoff when all he’s really guilty of is doing what Uncle Sam does on a much larger scale every day: takes your money, tells you it’s going to be invested and then loses your ass. Come to think of it, Bernie Madoff would make a great Senator or President. If – as Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson believed – “rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God,” then what is subservience to tyrants? Americans have a moral obligation to stop paying their taxes altogether until such time that the institutions taking that money are held accountable.