Speaking of Friedman, here’s a short but brilliant clip that was emailed to me recently. The fact that he made this point to Phil Donahue’s face on his show is just priceless. This is the essence of conservatism today. If you listen to conventional wisdom it’s always about greed, self interest, letting the rich guy step on the small guy, etc. In fact, the exact opposite is true of the modern conservative (classical liberal) tradition of great minds like George Will, FA Hayek, Milton Friedman and Ronald Reagan.

Conservatism today has nothing to do with stepping on the little guy. It’s about unleashing the intellectual power and protecting the freedom of the individual. It’s about protecting the individual from aggregate and consolidated power. There has never been – nor will there ever be – a greater cause for humanity as a whole. Friedman understood and articulated this better than most:

Here’s the original source where I discovered the clip:

Two more clips of this brilliant economist that are extraordinarily relevant today. He mentions true liberalism addressed in a previous post on this site. He also points out at the end of the second clip one of the most significant and overlooked benefits of government: inefficiency – especially in a democracy. I’ve said many times on this site, efficient government is tyranny. Friedman explains it beautifully here. Everyone who cares about this country and freedom should watch these clips – especially in today’s political climate of class envy and socialism: