Here we go

Are we picking a Supreme Court Justice or playing poker? The left has all kinds of bizarre rules: black beats white, woman beats man, Hispanic beats Asian. If you can get a woman and the correct ethnic background (IE: Kenyan, not British; Pueto Rican, not Polish), we’ve got a winner!

Meanwhile, the right will take bigfoot as long as he owns a Bible and is opposed to Roe v. Wade. If Jesus Christ showed up tomorrow in front of a Senate panel and said “Well, I disagree with abortion but I don’t think the government should be involved” I’m convinced that right wing groups in this country would immediately start a smear campaign claiming that Christ supported Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Call me radical, but it seems to me that the Constitution is the document that any “empathetic” judge whom Obama might choose would need to understand. Rather than trying to figure out how to stack the deck in terms of aggregating power for one group or the other, maybe we should try and focus on finding someone who would be likely to restrain the use of power. The problem with government is not that enough groups don’t have the apporpriate voice (power) to represent them (exercise that power). The problem is that the current government exercises far too much power altogether.

This of course is not a priority in an Obama administration entirely too preoccupied with taking responsibility for every conceivable aspect of my private life. Restraining power would weaken government’s ability to do this. We can’t have that.