This is the kind of ignorant crap that goes on in backward third world regimes: A new party takes power and starts prosecuting officials in the previous regime. It’s unconscionable and blatantly dangerous to a free republic. The president’s job is to protect the Constitution not feed the populist fire against his unpopular predecessor. Now we know why Obama was shaking hands with Hugo Chavez.

The danger posed by this absurd witch hunt extends right back to the current administration itself. If government officials have to start fearing that their careers and well being will be threatened by future administrations, they will not be able to perform their jobs effectively. If Obama finds himself on the ropes come next election season and the need for a dangerous or unpopular decision arises, how can he expect the members of his administration to carry it out if they know the potential for an incoming Republican White House to turn the executive power against them exists? It’s a terrible, terrible precedent.