“The Republicans have got to take a stand on this one,” said Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition and a proponent of a filibuster. “If they don’t, they can kiss their chances of ever getting back into power away,” he added.

Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, an anti-abortion rights activist, is urging members to block a Senate vote on Sotomayor.

“Do GOP leaders have the courage and integrity to filibuster an activist, pro-Roe[v. Wade] judge?” asked Terry, who argued that Democrats — including then-Sen. Obama — opened the door to such action after threatening to filibuster Justice Samuel Alito’s nomination in 2005.


Earth to America: the Supreme Court votes on stuff besides abortion. I’m serious. They actually get a to interpret a whole Constitution and everything.

I really can’t see a problem with this choice. Consider: The most liberal president since Lyndon Johnson is in the White House, the media cover him the way St. Peter might cover Jesus Christ, he’s barely six months out from a landslide election victory and the deciding vote to end a Republican filibuster in the Senate rests with a mediocre Saturday Night Live comedian. Fidel Castro would stand an even chance of getting confirmed to the Supreme Court right now.

All things considered, Sotomayor is a pretty moderate choice. Time and the colonoscopy she’s about to receive at the hands of the US Senate will give us any other information we might need (along with plenty we won’t). Couldn’t John Winthrop and Cotton Mather give this woman at least that much time before tattooing a scarlet letter on her forehead?

I don’t like Roe v. Wade. It’s a steaming pile of precedent that never should have been left on a Constitution that has been soiled enough by judicial activism over the years, but it certainly isn’t the most important issue the Supreme Court will be confronted with. Besides, if Pat Robertson were on the court there is no doubt he would find a Constitutional constraint on abortion – probably under the same rock the Burger court found a right to it.

As usual, the media is no help here. For one thing, they pursue Robertson and his fringe ilk the way flies pursue an incontinent cow. We can debate all day why this happens. The fact is, level headed conservatives don’t ever get air time. As soon as the word Supreme Court is breathed anywhere in the newspapers, journalists line up outside Pat Robertson’s bomb shelter itching for a nutty quote to proudly display on the front page.

To compound it, you have this stupid game reporters play where the right wing are described as anti-abortion while the left are called pro-choice or pro-abortion rights. It seems trivial but language is important. The majority of news stories couch the argument in terms that make the right sound as angry and negative as possible while they make the left sound as sane and positive as they can. Sometimes you’ll hear the right called pro-life but good luck finding a mainstream journalist who describes the left as pro-abortion.

By the way, did you notice that Sotomayor is Hispanic? This is important because we all know that the Democrats are the party of Hispanics – and that Alberto Gonzalez was secretly British. It’s a historic day for America!