Here’s a letter I sent to Jeff Passan in response to this column. The scandal machine in sports “journalism” has become worse than the steroid use it’s covering at this point:

Dude, let it go. Are we going to go through this every time a name is leaked from that stupid list? You guys are like Mr. Mackey on South Park. Drugs are bad. Yeah, we know. Do we need a 2000 word self congratulating lecture every time a name is released?

Journalists on the other hand are squeakly clean. It’s black and white. There’s no chance any of you would have done the same thing if put in a similar position. For that matter, there’s no complicity from reporters who were sitting in clubhouses watching the players walk around in their underwear every night while all this was happening. The other players in the clubhouse, they’re the enablers. But the reporters who actually get paid to tell us what’s going on? Well they’re just victims like everyone else.

As for the list, not one reporter ever mentions the illegality of releasing those names. Nope, journalists are free of responsibility there too. They have a higher duty to lecture us on the old news they failed to report when it was still unpopular to report it. And why are these names trickling out one or two at a time instead of the whole list at once? It seems ridiculous that your super secret “sources” would have some names and not others. Obviously, someone’s milking it for maximum effect. How many journalism careers are we going to artificially make out of it? How many baseball careers are we going to try and destroy?

Never mind. Keep living in your fantasy world. Keep comparing steroids to the Iraq war and the economic crisis. Keep patting eachother on the back and shoving your microphones in players’ faces every time another name is cynically leaked from the magic list. The rest of America? We’ll keep watching baseball – and you’ll continue to have a job because of it.