Below is a letter I recently sent to the St. Petersburg Times. Leaving aside my foolish confusion of Iraq with Afghanistan, I hope they publish it:

I see that the St. Petersburg Times editorial staff had no qualms about publishing the dying photos of Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard. I wonder if they will soon publish the highly controversial images of Erin Andrews.

Where’s the outrage now? When one of their own is cynically exploited, journalists come to the rescue. Of the Andrews videotaping the Times wrote “All agree that Andrews was the victim of an abhorrent act.” Really? Then how can you arrogantly publish photos of a dying soldier even when his family has pleaded for privacy?

There is no news content in either photo. We all know what’s underneath Ms. Andrews’ clothes just as we all know that soldiers are dying in Iraq. The decision to publish either of them has nothing to do with journalism and everything to do with voyeurism.

It’s nice for reporters and editors to pretend that they have some obligation to inform the public but there was no new information gleaned from Lance Corporal Bernard’s photos. Only ratings were to be gained. Soon, Ms. Andrews will appear on Oprah to discuss her “nightmare.” Lance Corporal Joshua Bernard will not have a similar opportunity. Damn the journalism community for not having the decency to respect this man’s honorable death or the grief of his stricken family.