Democrats vs. The Supreme Court

“Democrats say Alito crossed the line when he mouthed the words ‘not true’ during President Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday night.”

First of all, it’s the President who was out of line. It’s fine if he wants to disagree with the decision but whipping the US Congress into a frenzy and attempting to belittle Justices on the court during the State of the Union address in front of a national audience is disgraceful. It’s playground populism. This is how little kids behave when one of them does something objectionable on the playground. You might expect it from Hugo Chavez, certainly not Barack Obama. Besides, Obama calls him out in front of a national audience while he’s on a podium making a speech and Alito is supposed to just sit there and take it without even daring to mutter to himself? Give me a break.

Second, it’s ironic to find the nation’s first black President deriding the Supreme Court for overturning a century of law. That’s exactly what the court did in Brown vs. the Board of Education in 1954. The court upended years of precedent, the will of Congress and the will of the people.

And speaking of the will of the people, how do these Democrats feel about Perry vs. Schwarzenegger? The plaintiffs of this case will ask the court to throw out a direct referendum by the people of California. If they agree, would you call that judicial activism? Isn’t that the court interfering with the will of the majority – in an individual state no less?

The court was right to ditch campaign finance reform and they will be right to ditch Proposition 8 as well. Democracy cannot trump the Constitution.