Solar Power

“’You have to look at the big picture of what [the incentives] are providing,’ said Ramadan. ‘Not only are you getting cleaner energy, you also have the creation of jobs in that sector. And because there are special incentives for companies that are New Jersey-based, it brings business to the state.’”

Wrong. If that money were freed up and solar power let to die of natural causes, the money might go towards more useful public functions – such as education or law enforcement. If it’s freed up in the form of less taxes, that money might go towards industries consumers actually find valuable. The same goes for the remark about jobs. If that money is not spent on solar welfare, maybe those jobs are created in education or law enforcement or in the private sector which actually caters to consumer demand vs. government preference.

“The incubator” is just another word for life support to an industry that can’t survive without siphoning tax dollars to keep it afloat. Subsidies such as this injure the economy, they don’t help it. If government would get the hell out of the way and let consumer demand drive innovation rather than government hubris, perhaps we would emerge from this cloud of debt and bureaucracy that so frustrates the American public. Perhaps a real alternative energy source that consumers want and businesses find profitable will be discovered. It will never happen while government tries to pre-determine winners and losers.