Ray LaHood “misspoke” on the Toyota Recall.

Really? Why should I trust anything that Ray LaHood has to say regarding Toyota? He represents an administration that A.) was elected largely with money contributed by labor unions who clearly have no reason to love Toyota and B.) currently owns two of Toyota’s major competitors outright. In private business, we call this a conflict of interest. It would be similar to Pete Rose gambling on the Reds. This administration seems either to have no concept of this conflict or chooses to ignore the conflict altogether.

The primary problem with all of these government purchases of private sector industries is the damage it does to the free market. Privately owned businesses have to maintain profit margins. To do so, they must make decisions based on the free choices of individual consumers. Publicly owned entities can run at enormous deficits and have no reason to provide anything of value to consumers. They allow government to make those decisions for consumers. For instance: what kind of car to drive, what kind of foods to eat, what kind of light bulbs to use, what sort of and how much fuel consumers choose to use, etc. It’s no secret that many in the Obama administration and on the left in general do not like the decisions consumers are making concerning these (and many other) areas of private life. The more control government has over these industries, the easier it is for them to force the behavior that they (and their campaign contributers) would like to see out of consumers. In other words: less freedom.

A second problem is demonstrated by the Toyota controversey. Perhaps Toyota has made some poor decisions regarding their gas pedals and perhaps the government is doing the right thing here. They seem to be at least operating honestly. Nevertheless, why should I trust a government with such glaring conflicts of interest? If an umpire is on the bankroll of one of the two teams he is umpiring, he has every motive to be biased towards the side buttering his bread. His ability to objectively judge the situation is severely compromised whether that conflict exists in perception or reality. Another Obama turd in the public punch bowl.