1. Palin is right. Using the word the way Rahm Emanuel used it is identical to using the N-word to refer to black people. If you want to talk historic discrimination, nobody tops the handicapped. It’s just a smaller and less well-heeled lobby that will complain.

2. Rush is half right. People can say whatever they want. Of course, I’ll wager all the money America owes to China that while Rush will continue to insult the handicapped, there’s zero chance he’ll ever use the second word on the air. That’s a double standard in my book.

3. Speaking of double standards, if Emanuel were a Republican the heat would be much higher. There’s no doubt about it. Where were the excoriators of Don Imus when Reid made his slur? Where is the pitchfork carrying mob that came after Larry Johnson now that a prominent Democrat is insulting the handicapped? Such people are enormous hypocrites. The reason Reid and Emanuel get off with a slap on the wrist is that most of the minders of everyone else’s business tend to be Democrats and the hypocrites who will bring down non-political or right wing quarry will look the other way when it’s one of their own. With the exception of the fanatically relgious, political correctness is a left wing phenomenon. Palin is just finding this out.

4. This whole conversation is absurd. Rahm Emanuel should be careful what he says in a public forum because he’s a public official. That said, firing him over it would be ridiculous; although in most corporate jobs, if one were caught making such a slur there would be zero chance they would get out of it without at least a few hours of diversity brainwashing. If the CEO of Bank of America were overheard saying what Emanuel said for example, the chorus calling for his head would be deafening – and Emanuel would undoubtedly be part of it. Rush Limbaugh is a radio host, he can say whatever he wants. You will notice Don Imus has been back in business for some time now. That’s a testament to the reality that the American people couldn’t care less about any of this. They’re far more concerned with how the administration Emanuel represents is wasting their tax money. Let’s get back to that, shall we?