I don’t wager against the spread…

“‘We’re in for a stalemate . . . an extended one,’” predicted a senior State Department official, who requested anonymity because of the issue’s sensitivity. The opposition will persist ‘but won’t be capable of bringing down the government.’”

If that doesn’t sum up the Obama administration, I don’t know what does. They can’t figure out who’s going to win so their solution is to take no stand at all. Democracy, human rights, freedom… all BS. All that matters is the political fallout and it’s too hard to figure out where that will land yet.

What has this president stood for since he’s been in the White House? I suppose the argument could be made that he’s stood sorta tough on health care but he’s even wavering on that now and all the Democrats have lost is their filibuster proof majority in the Senate. And anyway, what does it say that Barack Obama is more willing to stake his presidency on the political positions of campaign contributors and policy wonks than he is on basic human freedom?

It’s true, perhaps the United States can’t do much for the fledgling and possibly doomed movement in Iran. It doesn’t matter. Neither does where these protesters stand on irrelevant policy issues like nuclear proliferation. American presidents should always and without hesitation stand for freedom. Period. But what can the Iranian people do for this guy’s next election? Barack Obama does not belong in the White House.