Baby Killers!

Let’s take these absurdities down one by one:

“It was an impressive turnout for a quickly organized protest—but coverage of the event soon was dominated by reports that some demonstrators had hurled racial and homophobic epithets at Democratic lawmakers as they entered the Capitol.”

Hmmm… Random radicals – ever present at any protest – shout racial epithets and it will dominate the debate? Harry Reid, the majority leader of the Senate, was forced to announce that he “deeply regret(s) using such a poor choice of words” after suggesting that Obama would make a great black candidate because he’s “light skinned” and demonstrates “no negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.” Reid actually represents the Democratic party. Random riffraff milling around the Capitol could be anyone from anywhere representing anything.

“Nor were the passionate displays limited to the protesters outside. Even after admonishing members of his caucus to “behave like grown-ups” during the epic health care floor debate, Majority Leader John Boehner let loose with a cry of ‘Hell no!’ in his own fiery floor speech denouncing the Democrats’ handling of the legislative process.”

Come on. Hell no is news? Boehner is angry, he’s expressing the frustration that the majority of the American people feel about this obscene bill. He should be applauded. Don’t expect that from the conventional news media though. It’s their job to put the hardcore spin on this Obama “victory.”

“Also noteworthy: Kentucky Congressman Geoff Davis unveiled a flag on the Capitol balcony featuring the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ slogan famously used by past revolutionary militia groups.”

The Gadsden flag is one of the first flags of the American cause. The imagery has been used variously by Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, the US Customs Service after 9/11 and the United States Marine Corps. What does this news story glean from it? It was used by “past revolutionary militia groups” implying the modern radicals who run around the woods with guns and fertilizer bombs.

Meanwhile, George Bush was routinely caricatured by left wing protesters as Adolph Hitler during the Iraq war, prominent liberals suggested Dick Cheney should be killed, it’s standard left wing procedure to characterize Republicans as Nazis (despite the fact that Nazis were a socialist party). And yet, we’re supposed to be alarmed by a Congressman waving a flag of the American Revolution and using the world “hell.” Spare us.