“Proponents of reducing immigration believe that allowing illegal immigrants access to health care is an incentive for them to come, and an unfair tax burden on Americans.”

That is a blatant mischaracterization. Only whackos and nut jobs are for “reducing immigration.” Immigration is a cornerstone of America’s greatness and it should by all means continue to be. What folks such as the author of this blog stand for is legal immigration: a clear and transparent process by which people who want to come to this country can emigrate and become citizens – and strict enforcement of those policies. This includes removing those who are here illegally and punishing those organizations who do not report such information to the INS – such as agriculture companies who employ illegals at cut rate wages and health care providers who look the other way when they treat such patients. This is compounding, not solving the problem.

The employers stated above are the real incentive for this to continue. They want to continue to employ people at below minimum wage salaries and not be forced to provide them the basic services that would be required were they legal American citizens. That’s the real issue. The two sides played up in the general news media: racist right wingers who hate brown people on one side or job stealing law breakers who want to give everyone a free ride on the other side; are facades. There are real examples of both but neither side is the reason why this continues to happen.

As for this article, the author clearly adheres to the first myth: that anyone who wants to restrict care to these people is a heartless racist jerk. Her story focuses on the suffering of these people without providing any information as to what the cause of that suffering is. Democrats want voters and they think amnesty is the way to do it – wave a magic wand and a bunch of new Obama supporters are born. Republicans want cheap labor and they think playing up the race card and avoiding the real issues is the way to do it. Meanwhile, these people are stuck in the middle and continue to suffer.