Oh, snap!

“It says a lot about the state of American political discourse, that some of these folks want to have a serious debate about whether a former dean of the Harvard Law School who enjoys almost universal respect from colleagues of all philosophies and seems to have done an excellent job as Solicitor General is qualified to sit on the Supreme Court.”

Really? So that’s it then. Because she was a dean of Harvard law school who “enjoys almost universal respect form colleagues of all philosophies” (what?) Elena Kagan should just be confirmed to the Supreme Court. End of story. How dare ordinary Americans even pretend to entertain objections about the matter? These are high, technical subjects far above the understanding of average citizens. Go back to your IPODs!

“Not that I’m surprised,” Entin adds, “given the degradation of civic culture these days.”

So there. Where it has declined from, only Professor Entin can know. The third Vice President of this country shot and killed the first Secretary of the Treasury because of the rumor of an overheard insult. Have we declined from those dizzying heights of colonial discourse then? What period of American history can the good Professor possibly be referring to? Was it the Gilded Age, when Theodore Roosevelt’s dinner invitation to Booker T Washington (the first black guest at the White House) was described as “the most damnable outrage which has ever been perpetrated by any citizen of the United States?” Was it during the 60′s, when hippie radicals were blowing up pipe bombs in Greenwich Village? Whatever.

Speaking of degradation, David Horowitz paints an extraordinarily disturbing picture of just how far our aristocratic educational elite have descended in this country. I remember Cornel West from my college days, when he was describing the riots and looting in Los Angeles over Rodney King as “justified social rage.” Now, instead of Edumund Burke or Alexis de Tocqueville, this is the “philosopher” whose books are being assigned in elite classrooms across America. One can only guess the moral and intellectual bankruptcy being sown as a result.

There doesn’t seem to be much reason for anyone to object to Elena Kagan, apart from this President’s deplorable track record of filling positions with absurdly unqualified candidates thus far. But I would argue that “universal respect” from her contemporary peers is ample reason for Republicans to take an extra hard look at Kagan. Respect from the cultural elite at Harvard and Princeton is an epithet, not an endorsement.