I love this guy:

“Oil companies are after one thing: money.”

Really? Are we supposed to believe then that leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico has been a good financial decision for BP? They wanted to tear a huge hole in the ocean floor, ravage the environment and destroy industry all across the Gulf Coast. What better way to convince the skeptical American public that oil drilling is the right solution than by drenching birds, fish, turtles and swimmers in awesome oil? It was a secret advertising campaign! This has been great for business!

Of course BP is after money. You see, this is the reason people organize in a free market – to generate income. That turns out to be a fortunate circumstance for everyone. BP is spending and doing everything they can to fix this economic and public relations nightmare. Why are they doing this? One thing: money. They are not failing for lack of effort; they are failing for lack of knowledge and technology.

If we could somehow convert blind and ignorant fury into technology, the hole would have been plugged a month ago. Indeed, this guy’s raging pee pee dance could provide enough righteous indignation to plug every oil leak on the planet for the next two thousand years. Unfortunately, nobody is going to “plug the damn hole” (as Obama so eloquently put it) by yelling at it. The way the hole is going to get plugged is through a combination of human ingenuity and technology. That’s it, that’s all we’ve got – and we currently don’t have a sufficient amount of either in this particular discipline.

Guess what drives those two very important components of success? One thing: money. In case Peter Daou hasn’t noticed, “ordinary Americans” don’t have million dollar submarines and oil drilling equipment just sitting around in their backyards. Organizations that do have access to this type of equipment have one thing: money.

Clearly, BP is the best candidate to accomplish this. Even the President recognizes this. When was the last time Obama failed to immediately step in and insist that the “best and brightest” take over? It’s part of Obama’s DNA to know better than everyone else. And yet, he’s somehow found the wisdom to leave well enough alone in this instance. Some call that politics, I call it sound judgment.

Sure, we could stop evil, greedy drilling tomorrow. How does Paul Dauo suppose he’s going to get his boats out to the Gulf to clean up the birds and turtles? Paddles? How does he plan to power the submarines diving to the ocean floor, the planes, trains and automobiles carrying cleanup equipment and hole plugging technology, the vehicles transporting the people who will provide the manpower and brainpower to the scene of the accident? Flubber?

“This isn’t Katrina II, it’s worse. As the oil keeps gushing and the damage keeps growing, we are squandering a rare chance to turn the tide against those whose laziness and greed and ignorance is imperiling every living thing on our wonderful and beautiful – and wounded – planet.”

This guy is spewing more gibberish and unfocused rage than BP is spewing oil into the Gulf. I love the laziness accusation. Engineers working around the clock to try and come up with a credible way to plug a hole 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico are lazy; but guys sitting in their living rooms spewing verbal flatulence onto the Huffington Post – they’re the hard workers.

“Where is the outrage? Where are the millions marching in the streets, where is the round-the-clock roadblock coverage tracking every moment of the crisis, every effort to plug the leak, every desperate attempt to mitigate the damage”

That’s the real solution – yell, scream, rise up, throw things, break stuff! Tear down the money making system! Why don’t we assemble an army of hippies equipped with solar powered flashlights and granola bars to swim out to the middle of the ocean and link arms in protest to the spill? Screw ingenuity and technology. Let’s just get really pissed off! Take that, stupid oil!