How many delicious ironies can we find in the reaction to this oil spill?  Let’s count!

  • A president insisting on an oil drilling moratorium as he gasses up Air Force One to fly down to Louisiana and order the cleanup crews to drive their boats faster.
  • Speaking of boats, let’s add the environmentalist community lamenting this disaster as the result of our greedy pursuit of oil while they in turn gas their own boats up to get out there and clean oil off the delicate birds and turtles.  At least when the birds and turtles inevitably try to bite the hands that clean them, they won’t know any better.
  • Speaking of the environmental community, how about the cheek they have to complain that this oil spill is the worst in American history after insisting that oil drilling not be allowed in places where cleaning up spills would have been far easier, cheaper and less damaging to the environment: closer to shore or on land (IE: Alaska)?  Now the president is planning on making easier drilling even more difficult.
  • An administration insisting that it is 100% focused on jobs as it systematically destroys jobs in the energy sector, increases the cost of gas for consumers and business and increases our dependence on foreign oil – which will also send even more jobs overseas.   Further, has anyone considered the increased size of our carbon footprint as we import more and more of a commodity that we could very easily produce much more of right here in America?  They always seem to leave that part out.  It’s like saying “Gee, my breathing is laborious.  I think I’ll shoot myself in the chest to let more air in.”
  • The press corps finally giving heat to this  president for the first good decision he’s made:  standing back and allowing the technical people most qualified and most interested in a quick resolution to solve this problem.  Nobody could possibly have a more urgent interest in cleaning up this mess than BP.  The turtles themselves couldn’t have a more desperate need to make this spill go away.  The only difference is that the turtles don’t have the technology to clean it up.  Neither does the government.
  • People in coastal communities outraged at the suggestion of drilling near their pristine beaches as the cost for filling up their fishing boats and jet skis inevitably rises due to the artificial scarcity of oil sure to follow.  When they go out of business because energy is too expensive, they will blame everyone else that they don’t have a job.  Deee-licious!

Welcome to American politics in the 21st Century.  Leave your brain at the door.