Blaming the President

“When asked by Judge Napolitano why he should not be held responsible for potential deaths caused by the leak, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, answered that he contacted the White House about the leaks before they were released and asked them to review them.

Someone in this administration has blood on their hands, and Congress must demand a full disclosure of who knew what and when. It is imperative that this scandal is investigated and not covered up.”

Politicizing the President’s role in this seems almost worse than the leak itself. I agree with much the Browns say in this article about Obama’s mismanagement of the war (and I wonder where all the loony left wing war protesters who compared Bush to Hitler are now). What I find unconscionable is the right wing impulse to hang the President out to dry on this matter for precisely the wrong reasons.

Julian Assange is a terrorist. If the administration made a mistake here, it’s that they have so far failed to clarify this fact and bring the man to justice. When a foreign agent seeks attention from the President of the United States via leverage that could risk the lives of American soldiers and citizens, he should be dignified with only one response: “Release the information at your peril. We will find you and bring you to justice.”

Obama apparently chose not to dignify this attempt at blackmail with any response at all. Obviously as President, he has information that the rest of us do not. Provided that he is putting significant effort into capturing Julian Assange and prosecuting him, Americans should stand behind him. Trivializing the President’s difficult response to this matter for political gain is a disservice to the office and the country.