“Ultimately, as a matter of principle, it would not make sense for us to have Ann speak to a conference about ‘taking America back’ when she clearly does not recognize that the ideals to be espoused there simply do not include the radical and very ‘unconservative’ agenda represented by GOProud.”

Wrong. I can’t stand these guys. These are people that want to use the power of government to impose their values on the rest of society and there’s nothing conservative about it. The war against pornography, the war against gays, the war for decency, the culture war, whatever. This is all garbage and in the American sense of the word, it has nothing to do with conservatism as a political ideology. It’s certainly not right wing either.

Imagine a slanted line on a piece of paper starting at the top left and moving to the bottom right of your page. At the extreme top left, you have total government power in the hands of a small number of unchecked individuals or a single dictator (Hitler, Stalin, Castro, the Caesars, the Soviets). At the extreme far right you have anarchy (no government at all). Technically, true communism belongs on the right side as well but that happens only after the Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the fact is, if true communism were a realistic objective we wouldn’t need communists to make it happen. We would have all been sharing from the start. In real humanity, someone has to force the sharing and obviously, those with the power to enforce such conditions will have the advantage of exploiting those who don’t. But I’m digressing from my digression.

This is why Jonah Goldberg describes Hitler and the Nazis as left wing. They represent a government with total control over the lives of its citizens and as much of that power as possible devolved into the hands of as few people as possible. In German terms, Hitler could perhaps be described as a conservative in the sense that he wanted to destroy the Weimar Republic (he succeeded) and move society back to the glory days romanticized by his favorite composer, Richard Wagner. In America – land of the free – he would certainly bear no resemblance to conservatism in any sense of the word.

Hitler and the Nazis called themselves socialists. Socialists today call them fascists. Whatever you call them, they wanted to force into existence a world of their myopic imagination and use whatever means at their disposal to accomplish it. That’s far removed from the anarchists, the classical liberals, the founders of this country and anyone else on the true right wing of the slanted line described above. America was founded with the central idea of liberty foremost in the mind of its founders. The several branches of government and written Constitution enumerating limited powers were designed to maximize the freedom of America’s citizens.

And here we come back to the folks at WorldNet. I don’t know everything the people who represent that site stand for but this particular incident does not demonstrate anything conservative. Take a look at what else Joseph Farah has to say about it:

“And understand what I am saying here: I do not suggest it is wrong for Christians to associate with homosexuals, as some have charged. In fact, if we love them – or, as Ann Coulter suggests, ‘like’ them – we should engage them. We should bring them the truth. We should share the good news of the Gospel. And that, however uncomfortable it is, means confronting them with their sin – just as we would any other sinner.”

This is what you call attempting to force your own view of morality into the life of someone else. Unless you’re talking about the Puritans, there’s nothing American being conserved here. Joseph Farah’s Constitution is not the one signed by Benjamin Franklin. It’s the one signed by Saint Matthew the Evangelist. Farah is trying to conserve Biblical values, not American values. A little further on, he says this:

“What will happen as a result of her appearance is that a compromise will be made with sin. Sin will be condoned or appeased. A conservative icon will find accommodation with a sin that would undermine the foundations of Western civilization, the Judeo-Christian ethic and the most basic biblical standards of sexual morality.”

Actually, the “foundations of Western civilization” were undermined two thousand years ago by a guy named Jesus Christ. At least that’s how the pagan Greeks and Romans felt about it. But let’s leave aside this man’s total ignorance of history and look at his other foolish sentence: “… a compromise will be made with sin.”

In other words, Ann Coulter is not free to speak to a group of gay Republicans because she will be condoning their personal behavior. Joseph Farah is not just against gay marriage or gay adoption; he’s against being gay. The irony is that he is doing to the gays exactly what radical atheists are doing to the Christians: trying to prevent people from behaving in a way he would prefer they didn’t behave. That’s not conservative. It’s not American. Hell, it’s not even Christian.