Considering the previous post, there’s another point that should be made. The birther thing and the Muslim thing – as kooky as they are – are conceivable. They could happen in the real world. Sure it’s a stretch to imagine a sitting president successfully hiding this information from the entire world given the vast array of people who would like nothing better than to see him brought down. It’s a stretch, but it’s not off the wall crazy.

Meanwhile, as many as a third of Democrats at one point were polled as believing George Bush was in some way behind the 9/11 attacks. In other words they believed a sitting president actively conspired to perpetrate the largest attack on American soil in the history of the republic. Not only did he know about (or even orchestrate) the attacks but he was able to conspire with a vast array of shady characters, broad swaths of the American government, foreign agents in various countries and a whole cast of different people – and he kept them all quiet while thousands of people were murdered on live television. Also, he’s so stupid he can’t spell his last name without cue cards.

Seriously, it’s unbelievable. It’s not just a little off or a little quirky. It’s loony tunes. This is Lex Luthor, super villain, comic book stuff. If it happened in an Arnold movie, you might go “Whoa, hold on now.” And the current president actually appointed a guy to his cabinet who believed in it. Van Jones didn’t just show up randomly at some campaign rally with his hacky sack and a “Bush is Hitler” sign and claim to be a Democrat. He was the Green Jobs Czar (whatever that is). He’s an actual Democrat, not a vagrant at a Glen Beck rally.

People who believe Obama is a Muslim basically are saying he’s lying about his faith. In the grand scheme of things – even if it turned out to be true – it’s a non-issue. Certainly the right would pillory him mercilessly but so what? They already do that. The birth certificate lie would undoubtedly get him impeached but it’s still a comparably petty crime from a moral perspective. People who believe Bush was behind 9/11 are calling him a murderer and a war criminal on a par with Adolph Hitler or Pol Pot. If it’s true, he’s a despicable villain who should be executed.

All the kooks deserve to be called out and exposed. Every president has crazy critics – it goes with the territory. It’s just that it’s very hard to swallow the left wing whining about the unfair treatment Barack Obama is getting while we’re barely 2 years removed from the appalling smear campaign waged against George W Bush. I’m having a hard time feeling sympathy.