“‘But how can you control matter?’ he burst out. ‘You
don’t even control the climate or the law of gravity. And
there are disease, pain, death -’
O’Brien silenced him by a movement of his hand. ‘We
control matter because we control the mind. Reality is
inside the skull. You will learn by degrees, Winston. There
is nothing that we could not do. Invisibility levitation -
anything. I could float off this floor like a soap bubble if
I wish to. I do not wish to, because the Party does not wish
it. You must get rid of these nineteenth-century ideas about
the laws of Nature. We make the laws of Nature.’”

- George Orwell, 1984

Kathleen Sebelius is not interested in reality. She’s interested in enforcement of the reality being peddled by the White House:

Invincible Hubris

“According to our analysis and those of some industry and academic experts, any potential premium impact from the new consumer protections and increased quality provisions under the Affordable Care Act will be minimal. We estimate that that the effect will be no more than one to two percent. This is consistent with estimates from the Urban Institute (1 to 2 percent) and Mercer consultants (2.3 percent) as well as some insurers’ estimates. Pennsylvania’s Highmark, for example, estimates the effect of the legislation on premiums from 1.14 to 2 percent. Moreover, the trends in health costs, independent of the legislation, have slowed. Employers’ premiums for family coverage increased by only 3 percent in 2010 – a significant drop from previous years.”

Obviously, this analysis was not accurate. Insurance companies are again raising rates – as anyone with a brain could have predicted. When you require insurance companies to provide more benefits to more people, those companies will raise rates to meet the new costs – even if the president and his army of ivy league czars do not agree that it should happen.

Sebelius’ letter is typical of this administration’s disdain for reality: we predicted our new law would not cause rate hikes therefore you must not raise rates or we will punish you. Reality is not a condition of unpredictable factors in a complex world. Reality is whatever the Caesar of the White House says it is. The insurance companies, by raising rates, have defied the whim of the White House. When the punishments incurred inevitably cause even more rate hikes, they will be punished further. This administration has zero tolerance for reality.