“I think that there are a whole host of Republicans, and certainly independents, who have lost trust in their government, who don’t believe anybody is listening to them, who are staggering under rising costs of health care, college education, don’t believe what politicians say. And we can draw those independents and some Republicans into a working coalition, a working majority for change.”
- Barack Obama

Hey, remember that guy? Me either. Here’s President Obama’s latest “post partisan” move:

Marshall Warren

Let’s examine the bridge building  mentality of this decision:

  • Elizabeth Warren has next to no actual experience for this job.  Her qualifications can be derived almost entirely from her academic career and her hectoring screeds about the evils of Wall Street.  She was not chosen to help business or work with business but rather to “rein it in” (IE:  forward the Obama agenda).
  • It’s obvious that she wouldn’t stand a chance of being approved in open Congress.  Rather than select someone who might help build a “working coalition” of independents and moderates, Obama has once again flaunted the balance of power in order to avoid a person who might thwart his radical agenda.  Keep in mind, we’re dealing with a historically massive Democratic majority in both houses and yet Obama can’t find someone even the moderate Democrats in this group can find appealing.
  • This decision advances Obama’s “post partisan” message:  Wall Street and Main Street are at war with each other.  Republicans are at war with middle class America.  Rich people are at war with poor people.  Big business is at war with middle class American families (their customers FYI).   Democrats with huge majorities in both houses of Congress and the presidency are the victims of  evil, stonewalling Republicans.

What a unifying message!  Here’s what else Elizabeth Warren has to say:

“America today has plenty of rich and super-rich. But it has far more families who did all the right things, but who still have no real security. Going to college and finding a good job no longer guarantee economic safety. Paying for a child’s education and setting aside enough for a decent retirement have become distant dreams. Tens of millions of once-secure middle class families now live paycheck to paycheck, watching as their debts pile up and worrying about whether a pink slip or a bad diagnosis will send them hurtling over an economic cliff.”

More unity!  This is the typically myopic view harbored by left wing economists and pundits:   Wealth is finite, not dynamic.  There is only so much money to be had in America and it is government’s job to make sure this static pie is divided equally.  Super rich people automatically mean there must be super poor people.  The poor and middle class can only gain ground if the rich lose ground.

Elizabeth Warren has no clue about economics.  Jobs are absent and middle class American families are suffering because this White House has declared war on wealth.  Businesses and banks are holding onto capital precisely because Obama keeps appointing people like Warren to prominent positions within his administration.  They’re holding onto wealth at record levels because Obama is trying to destroy it at record levels.  When you create a shortage of something, the natural instinct for humans is to horde it.  Barack Obama is not a partner to American businesses, he’s an adversary to them.  No wonder his popularity is in the tank.