OK, so my last post dealt with arguably the most competent new figure in the Republican party. Let’s move to the opposite end of the spectrum:

“Evolution is a myth.”

“Have you ever looked at a monkey?”

This is like watching two blind five year olds battle to the death with Nerf nunchucks. Both O’Donnell and Maher are trying to reference credible cerebral arguments but I’m not convinced that either of them has any clue what those credible positions are. Fortunately, only one of these two, um… protagonists is actually running for office. Unfortunately, the guy Christine O’Donnell is running against has this to say:

“I have an aggressive plan to promote job growth, but she does not. I have experience managing a government in tough times. She has none. I believe health care is a right of all Americans. She would choose to ignore the millions of people who lack access. I oppose drilling for oil off Delaware’s beaches, while she would increase drilling. I want to overhaul the way Wall Street does business. She’ll fight to continue de-regulating it. I support groundbreaking stem cell research, but she does not. I support a woman’s right to choose, she opposes it.”

Of course, this stuff sounds brilliant when juxtaposed with “evolution is a myth.” I profoundly disagree with many of the things this man says. However, it’s a mistake to imagine he’s crazy or loony either. Basically, Coons’ strategy could be the political equivalent of an average looking person hanging out with really ugly people to make himself seem better looking. I know Republicans are trying to make political hay over the “Bearded Marxist” article he wrote in college but read it for yourself. I don’t agree with everything he says but the article is the product of a thoughtful and intelligent mind, not an empty one.

I’ve heard Republicans try to talk themselves into Christine O’Donnell as “Well, she’s just going to be a Senator. She just has to vote the right way.” This is a horrifying argument. You mean she’s just going to be a senior elected official representing the people of Delaware, the Republican party and the United States of America for the next six years? George W Bush often gave the appearance of stupidity because frankly, he seemed uncomfortable in front of the cameras. Look what eight years of him did to the Republican party. Let’s be honest: Christine O’Donnell doesn’t seem like she’s merely giving the impression of shallow ignorance.

I once wrote this:

“For one thing, they pursue Robertson and his fringe ilk the way flies pursue an incontinent cow. We can debate all day why this happens. The fact is, level headed conservatives don’t ever get air time. As soon as the word Supreme Court is breathed anywhere in the newspapers, journalists line up outside Pat Robertson’s bomb shelter itching for a nutty quote to proudly display on the front page.”

Just imagine Senator Christine O’Donnell. She won’t just be some fringe kook with her own TV show (or Internet blog), she’ll be an important elected official. Every time she spouts off something like the above, it will be headline news and Republicans won’t be able to hide behind the “she’s just some fringe activist” bunker. And do we really want her representing this country to foreign dignitaries and diplomats? I’m all for gaining Republican control of the Senate. If my house were on fire, I’d be all for putting out the flames too. I wouldn’t try to do it with my upper torso though. The line between expedience and foolishness has to be drawn somewhere. I’d say Christine O’Donnell is as good a place as any to start drawing.