Great article…

“The compact fluorescents are harder to manufacture — something about all of those twisty tubes — and if something is hard to make, it ends up getting made in China, which is where all of our light bulbs will come from by 2014.”

What’s amazing to me is when American businesses move jobs overseas to maintain profits, they are villainized as robber barons and evil, rich, job stealing capitalists. Making money is an evil pursuit – didn’t you know? Meanwhile, when environmental kooks threaten and bully jobs out of this country in ceremonial sacrifice to the Climate Change gods, it goes almost unnoticed and certainly unmentioned.

This point is not always articulated clearly by representatives of the right wing but it’s not all government regulation that is offensive. It’s stupid, intrusive regulations like this light bulb law that intentionally stifle consumer demand in order to accomplish political ends. In other words, people want to and will buy the light bulbs and shower heads mentioned in the article if left to their own devices – and businesses will make money and jobs will be created. So bureaucrats have intervened and determined that government should prevent consumers from having what they want. Eat your vegetables, brush your teeth, put on your seat belt, turn out that light… We’re being governed by Ward Cleaver.