No drilling

“Sink, a longtime opponent of offshore drilling, contends this summer’s Deepwater Horizon disaster should put an end to the effort to drill anywhere near Florida’s beaches. She was especially critical of last year’s last-minute push by incoming House Speaker Dean Cannon, R-Winter Park, and incoming Senate President Mike Haridopolos, R-Melbourne, to slide a bill through the Legislature allowing drilling within 3 miles. The bill passed the House but died in the Senate.

‘These people came in the middle of the night to Tallahassee, and they said drilling is safe,’ Sink said. ‘I think we’ve all kind of awakened to the fallacy of that idea.’”

If Alex Sink were running for governor of a tribe of cavemen, she would argue that fire should be banned from the community because the dummy at the end of the clan burned his grass hut down with it. You don’t solve problems by avoiding technology. Whatever you think of alternative energy, it’s the shutting out of current energy solutions that is driving costs up and jobs out of this state and this country. People still have to use gasoline and oil in case Sink failed to notice. The goal of the green movement in this country is to drive the cost of traditional fossil fuels up so that “alternative energy” looks cheap by comparison. Translation: the cost of your power bill and your gasoline bill are driven up artificially so you’ll be forced to invest in solutions that don’t exist.

Maybe Obama will force us all to buy Chevy Volts some day soon. Then we can all plug our government issue cars into the wall and pretend that they’re using less energy than tungsten light bulbs (and that power companies don’t use fossil fuels). Until the glorious day of that liberal utopia arrives, not drilling for oil is like forcing your children to walk 15 miles to school because the bus might get into an automobile accident. Its dumb. We need a governor who recognizes this.