“A representative assembly, although extremely well qualified, and absolutely necessary, as a branch of the legislative, is unfit to exercise the executive power, for want of two essential properties, secrecy and despatch.”
- John Adams

Rich Lowry has it right:

“Assange’s goal is wanton destruction, pure and simple.”

You will notice that much of the reaction around the world has been muted mostly because as the Russians have pointed out, officials in all countries speak candidly when they expect that their communications are private. There is no reason for those officials to expect anything else. Transparency is important but that doesn’t mean citizens have a right to know every nook and cranny of the inner workings of their government. There is no great and secret scandal exposed here, just the safety and well being of our soldiers in uniform our agents in service and our diplomatic allies. Assange doesn’t just look like Ozymandias (the villain in Watchmen), he is a villain. America should declare WikiLeaks a terrorist organization and Julian Assange should be hunted down like the terrorist he most certainly is.