Daniel Domscheit-Berg

“The former WikiLeaks staffers last week told the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter that they will operate ‘without a political agenda except for the dissemination of information to the media.’ Under this new approach to leaks, ‘all editorial control and responsibility rests with the publishing organizations,’ OpenLeaks says. Leakers will designate newspapers or others as recipients, which will then have the responsibility to check facts, avoid harmful disclosures, and provide context about the data.”

Here we’ve finally crossed the line from reckless stupidity to responsible journalism. The free flow of information is meant to preserve and protect good government, not act as a bludgeon towards it. When information becomes a weapon, it exits the realm of journalism and enters the realm of propaganda. Assange’s goal was not a noble effort to inform the public. He was focused on destroying the influence of the United States. One might well ask Julian Assange: do you really think the world would be a freer place with China as the lone superpower? It seems unlikely.

The irony is that in the end, Julian Assange’s antics will actually strengthen the United States. Some people have to burn their fingers on the stove to be reminded that it’s hot. Essentially, the wanton release of un-edited information has taught the world a lesson it shouldn’t have had to learn. The emergence of Openleaks will produce the goal Mr. Assange exploited (a free flow of information acting as a check against government abuse) without producing the destruction Mr. Assange intended. Perhaps the American people could draft a thank you letter to accompany him on his way to jail. Thanks Julian!