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"If government were a toaster, I'd demand a refund"

Breadline Bernie

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  Are you kidding me, Democrats? I would vote for Super Trump and an entire presidential cabinet of mini-Trumps – each with his own belligerent Twitter account – over this washed up communist. Sorry, democratic communist. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Bernie Sanders still lived in his mother’s basement in Vermont eating pot brownies and trying to sync up Pink... [More]


The Impeachment Charade

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The President is guilty of using the power of the United States government to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden's use of the power of the United States government to pressure Ukraine. Watching the various cads and scoundrels in this charade twist themselves alternatively into pretzels of incandescent rage or sanctimonious self righteousness over the whole affair is almost poetic. It's much... [More]


Good Riddance

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The media has generated itself into an absolute frenzy over the “imminence” of the threat Qasem Soleimani represented when the United States militiary, with the authorization of President Trump, decided to take him out. If Ted Bundy is sitting in your daughter’s living room eating a baloney sandwich, do you wait for him to grab a pick axe before you consider him an “imminen... [More]

  "Is it because liberty in the abstract may be classed amongst the blessings of mankind, that I am seriously to felicitate a madman, who has escaped from the protecting restraint and wholesome darkness of his cell, on his restoration to the enjoyment of light and liberty? Am I to congratulate a highwayman and murderer who has broke prison upon the recovery of his natural rights?"  - Edm... [More]


Clown Car Politics

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Clown Car Politics: I thought Pete Buttigieg was aiming for the moderate lane. Whether he's showing his true colors or just trying to up his stakes in the "which Democrat can sound like the biggest lunatic" sweepstakes, returning campaign donations to two professional women for the grave crime of providing legal counsel to a client is a terrible decision for someone who would be president: 1. ... [More]

Let's be honest, conservatives don't have much of a choice in 2020. We might as well choose which color colonoscopy hose the doctor uses on our next visit. While Donald Trump may get the least favorable press coverage of any human alive, he  continues to behave in ways that leave any reasonable person lost for, um, I don't ... [More]

  The creators and producers of Game of Thrones have delivered something that very few, if any, television shows have managed to accomplish over the course of television history. They built a show centered around a tragic literary figure on a par with Oedipus or Hamlet who also happened to be female. You’d think the feminists and the forces of vacuous, progressive inanity would be celeb... [More]


Who Is This Whore?

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This is what Marcus Tullius Cicero must have thought as he walked into the burned out wreckage of his villa and looked at the stolen Greek statue hastily erected to repsent Libertas, the Roman goddess of liberty. Publius Clodius Pulcher, whose mob had burned Cicero's villa to the ground and constructed the false temple to keep Cicero from reclaiming his property if he ever returned from exile, was... [More]



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The name of Brutus is synonymous in Ancient Rome with resistance to tyranny. The first famous Brutus, Lucius Junius Brutus, led the revolution against the last King of Rome which ushered in the great era of the Roman Republic - an era which weighed heavily on the minds of the American Founders. The second, Marcus Junius Brutus, famously betrayed Julius Caesar and was immortalized by the legendary ... [More]



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"Thus has freedom of the press finally died." - Adam Cohen, Lawyers for Good Government "This disgraceful and cowardly act will be closely watched by the world's authoritarian regimes" - Ken Dilanian, NBC News "This is a moment for any Republican who says they believe in the Constitution to stand up." - Dan Rather "This unprecedented decision is a threat to our democracy..." - CNN "That's the sort... [More]